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Pishro Tashkhis Co ltd, started its marketing activities in early 1997, and rapidly grew to be reliable source of  clinical and research supplier . Our wide distribution channel across the country, enabled us to supply  our customers through a in a short period of time.

Pishro Tashkhis committed to supply customers with high quality global brands and best possible prices. Now after almost 20 years, Pishro Tashkhis is a well known name not only on clinical and academic sector, but also  we made a strong reputation on industrial and forensic market as well. As Pishro Tashkhis committed to  Implementing highest level of customer services,  we  fulfilled  our customer’s requirements through fast and reliable customer service and technical sales specialist.

Pishro Tashkhis are pleased to proudly represent  global manufacturers, and in the same time many awards that presented to us for highest level of technical support.




Pishro Tashkhis representing High Quality clinical and research products from international manufacturer.
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There are variety of products on Pishro Tashkhis portfolio, Hematology calibrator and controls, Biochemistry and Serology kits and Tuberculin are just some samples
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Lab Instruments

Pishro Tashkhis representing many Laboratory instrument not only for clinical labs, but also we have specific products for forensic laboratories as well.
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Distribution Channel

Pishro Tashkhis has a national wide distribution Channel across the country to be able to provide highest possible standard of customer services.
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